From 6 figures a year to MULTIPLE 6 figures in ONE QUARTER

“Working with Amy and her team on our LinkedIn strategy helped us to work with a handful of selected high quality premium clients, which meant we 4x our growth targets, whilst working way less and are the most profitable we’ve ever been!”

Winston Faircloth

Non-profit Organisations Advisor and Consultant

“Landed A Multiple 6 figure project in 6 weeks”

Melvin Phan

Program & Project Management

LinkedIn connections grew by 350% in 8 weeks

Lynne Kendall

Resilience Tutor

“I now have the right team in place to scale fast”

Maddie Sinclair


Confidently Able To Share My Passion About Leadership With The World

Alina Servillat

Executive Coach & Martial Artist

The Secrets to Managing Marriage and Business

Phil and Lynn Brown

Marriage Coach

Changed the direction of my business for the better.

Charles Crowl

Organisational Coach

“I saved over a year of research with what I learnt in the program, which has allowed me to launch my coaching business alongside my fulltime role with confidence within weeks and break through new levels of my comfort zone with ease. ”

Danielle Hippisley

Career Development Coach

“More than doubled new opportunities within the first quarter.

Ross Rotherham

Leadership Coach

“Within 12 weeks I quadrupled my monthly revenue and still can’t believe it! Was the best investment I’ve made.”

Ann Pocock

Marketing Strategist and Leadership Coach

“My network grew by 51% in a matter of weeks.

Natalie O'Brien

Founder & CEO, Natalie O’Brien & CO

“Now set up to scale my business fast.

Justine Maree Cox

Leadership Coach, Leaders Change Room

“Confident with putting myself and my business out there.

Helen Thomas

Career Design Coach

More than doubled my client base.

Johanna Crichton

Mindset Coach, Beyond Coaching

My business grew way faster than expected.

Sophie Chen

Leadership Coach, Leap with Sophie Chen

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success stories

“My business has grown by 50%.

Jeremy Sankey

Head of Strategy & Insight, Distilla Strategy

“Landed new clients way quicker than expected.

Andrew Tucker

The Virtue Coach, Magnanimatus Coaching

Amassed over 30,000+ LinkedIn followers and sold out her Group Career Coaching Course 3 times in a row!

Susan Kiamba

Career Clarity Coach for Banking Professionals

Started using LinkedIn for the first time in his business. Saved 10 hours per week from installing the LinkedIn system and strategies. Filled his 12 month coaching mastermind.

Brett Robinson

Mindset and Performance Coach

Earning the equivalent of her former corporate exec role as her own boss, feeling the most fulfilled she has in 20 years and working way less.

Leila Botham

Founder, This Corporate Life

Went from zero to over 500+ connections in a matter of weeks. Doubled her consulting rates and now has potential clients messaging her to learn more about her services.

Rachel Waireri

Learning and Development Expert / Course Creator

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success stories

“Attracting premium clients with confidence.”

Sara King

Executive & Leadership Coach, The Leadership Catalyst

Started her business form scratch and landed her first coaching client using LinkedIn within 14 days.

Norell Naidoo

Founder, Head Coach & Psychologist – ProLeadership

Grew LinkedIn profile views and sales conversations by almost 200% within 48 hours.

Andrew Bird

Director, Foundstone Business Advisory

“I now have a complete system for getting premium clients consistently so I can focus on what I enjoy doing most.”

Alena Sviderskaia

Leadership Coach and Facilitator

“My LinkedIn profile views increased by 400%.”

Anton Pemmer

Founder, INOV8YOU

Started her LinkedIn profile from scratch and received client recommendations after her very first LinkedIn post.

Sally Hart

Founder, Clever Closet Company

“For the first time ever I’m now clear on my marketing message and direction to grow my business.”

James Young

Facilitator Coach, Career Mentor

Through Amy’s keynote, our members were able to uncover the secret LinkedIn hacks to be able to use LinkedIn more effectively in future to generate opportunities in their careers and businesses. 

Michelle Land

Membership Engagement Manager, Space&Co

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