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Access my 4 step strategy for how to get premium clients through LinkedIn and hit $30k+ months fast, even if you’re just getting started. This is perfect for you if you’re a coach, consultant, service based business owner (or want to become one!)

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Hi, I'm Amy

Nominee for Australian Business Coach of The Year 2021, Not Your Average Online Business Coach, Speaker, LinkedIn nerd, coffee enthusiast.

The way we do business and how we access business opportunities has changed…

If you’re a Career, Executive, Business Or Leadership Coach or Consultant it’s now necessary to adapt to the new ways of working and create your digital presence and online brand to remain relevant, consistently attract ideal clients almost on autopilot and charge premium prices…

aka what you know deep down your services are truly worth!

And let’s be real here, at times the online ‘techy stuff’ and ‘putting yourself out there on LinkedIn’ can feel frustrating, uncomfortable and very different to how you’re used to operating – but building your professional brand online is now necessary if you want to stand out from other coaches out there to position yourself as the number one authority in your niche and get consistent clients fast with confidence and ease. 

I’m passionate about teaching the strategies I’ve already ‘battle tested’ to help coaches and aspiring coaches to embrace the online space, attain authoritative positioning and leverage LinkedIn to access untapped opportunities so they too don’t have to compete for consulting/coaching clients like everybody else.


Align your business model to create the lifestyle you desire. Leverage your existing knowledge, expertise and authentic personal brand to become a high ticket coach and create a business that is fulfilling, flexible and fun. 


Cut through the noise and accelerate your conversations and conversions using LinkedIn to attract your ideal clients with ease and drive real sales results, without coming across as ‘spammy’ or ‘salesy’


Scale your business beyond yourself to avoid the all too common ‘time for money’ trap, without the headache of managing a huge team, jeopardizing your clients results or damaging your professional reputation.

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work with me to grow your business

Imagine if...

You didn’t have to compete for new clients like everyone else. Instead, you had a constant stream of opportunities coming to you almost on autopilot, regardless of whatever was happening in the world.

You could comfortably work online from anywhere in the world, and get your time back WITHOUT jeopardizing your income.

Your ideal clients or prospective companies were already sold on your expertise BEFORE they’ve even talked to you.

You could make the jump to being your own boss in a matter of weeks, NOT years.

Well, that’s what happened to me!

and now, after teaching over 1000+ other people how to create more mobility, stability and credibility in their careers and businesses, I know exactly what it takes to create massive opportunities and profit online and build your brand on LinkedIn by just simply being YOU!

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How To Create An In Demand Coaching Or Consulting Business In 8 weeks or Less UsingLinkedIn



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4 steps to becoming the #1 Authority in your niche & doubling your opportunities through LinkedIn, even if you’re just getting started.